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We are an embodiment of divine, yet seeking happiness in the outside world because we have lost contact with our own self. 'Sparsh' as a meditation technique enables an individual to connect with one's body in a friendly way, leading towards an inner source of bliss. Being respectful to one's body with awareness is the key to derive maximum benefit from this technique. It restores the mental peace and provides a wonderful experience of relaxation. In Tantra Yoga, the body is seen as a powerful and useful instrument in a seeker’s quest for truth. The body is used as a medium of being mindfully aware and present in this very moment. In this guided meditation video, Gurumaaji draws a seeker’s attention to his or her own body and gradually shows a seeker to be a witness of this body and all its functions. Practicing this meditation sincerely brings immense peace and relaxation with it.
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Thursday, December 4, 2008


FIRST CHAKRA- ROOT -Studying the individual chakras begins with the root chakra, called Muladhara in Sanskrit. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine at the tailbone in back, and the pubic bone in front. This center holds the basic needs for survival, security and
safety. The root chakra is powerfully related to our contact with the Earth Mother,providing us with the ability to be grounded into the earth plane. This is also the center
of manifestation. When you are trying to make things happen in the material world,
business or material possessions, the energy to succeed will come from the first chakra.
If this chakra is blocked an individual may feel fearful, anxious, insecure and frustrated.
Problems like obesity, anorexia nervosa, and knee troubles can occur. Root body parts
include the hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs. The colors used for this chakra are
red, brown and black. The gemstones are Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, and Black
Tourmaline. NOTE: A man¹s sexual organs are located primarily in his first chakra, so male sexual energy is usually experienced primarily as physical. A women¹s sexual organs are
located primarily in her second chakra, so female sexual energy is usually experienced
primarily as emotional. Both chakras are associated with sexual energy.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Music Does Help Reduce Stress: Melodies for A Better Mind

Stress can be destructive to the human body, and can lead to an immune system much weaker than before. Stress reduction methods are imperative for all of us. Some form of stress release is needed in today's world. Music is an amazing stress reduction tool!

Stress can be found in all aspects of human life. It can be at work, where you have to meet deadlines; at home, where you have to make sure that the children are put to bed on time; and at school, where you have to study for examinations year in and year out.

Despite its power on the human psyche, stress can be controlled, and to some extent, minimized. There are various ways to handle stress, such as through after-work sports, watching movies, meditation or listening to music and nature sounds..

Meditation, put very simply, is a method to relax the mind by easing it out of the current stressful situation. Meditation's power, however, does not end here. It can be used to heal the body, keep the body clean, and even raise IQ points!

can be aided and deepened by effective music. The deeper the meditation, the more relaxed the body will be at the end of it, and the more refreshed and rejuvenated the owner will feel. Deep meditation music can come in various forms.

Classical music has often been used in meditation, but the variety of sounds and the often abundant array of instruments can actually awaken more than relax the mind. Deep meditation can often be arrived at by listening to smooth, slow music played by a solitary instrument.

Some deep meditation music may consist of a guitar being strummed carefully, or a flute being played, or harp strings being caressed by gentle fingers

• Sounds of the forest, or plants and branches rustling against each other, are often used in deep meditation music. These rustling sounds can call to mind a garden, or a place in the natural world where the body can wander without being seen, heard, or criticized.

Forest and rustling sounds can be coupled with flutes or harps, and can call to mind natural scenes, further deepening the meditation experience.

• Whale sounds have also been found to aid in deep meditation. The low hums of whales to each other actually function to signal to members of a whale heard. These signals can mean that food is available, or a youngster is missing, or danger is ahead.

Whale sounds are natural flutes: they can call to mind the freedom of the open sea, the warmth of sea water, and even the motherliness of animals as they watch over their young.

• Water sounds are commonly used in deep meditation music. They are coupled with forest sounds or single instrument tracks. Water sounds can come in the form of falling rain, or babbling brooks and rivers, or the crash of ocean waves on the seashore.

Water sounds are comforting to hear for a variety of reasons. Falling rain can conjure up images of lazy afternoons spent sleeping, or curled up with a book. Flowing rivers can call up memories of childhood strolls, spent exploring rivers and streams. The ocean can reawaken memories of the beach, and relaxing vacations.

• Also increasing in popularity are electronic sounds, which consist of rhythms designed to aid deep meditation. They can accompany nature sounds instead of the usual single instrument.

If you want to engage in deep meditation, consider deep meditation music, as this can aid you in achieving relaxation faster. Inquire at your local record bar and look at what tracks will suit your mood. Soon, you will feel yourself refreshed and rejuvenated as you rise out of meditation and prepare to face life's often confusing music.

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Deep Meditation Music for Troubled Individuals

There are varying types of meditation that apply to different circumstances. You are a person who has a passion for music, then maybe you will be interested in meditation using music to guide you along. There is just something so magical that happens when you express yourself through music, there's a natural flow and energy that surrounds you that just cannot be explained. It's something that is a key factor in your meditative healing process. As a human being, you are designed a little but like an instrument, just without the strings and such.

Modern life can and often is very stressful on most people. There are so many things that attack our senses every day, distracting us from the big picture of what is important. Taking time to relax and get in tune with your own person is just as important as all those business obligations and other errands you do every day to try to keep up with the Jones'. Using music while meditating can help guide you along into a relaxed state where you can truly get in touch with deep parts of yourself. You no longer have to just get by every day, be depressed, and feel hopeless.

You can usually find music to meditate to at any music store, or even online. If you know someone who is into meditating, perhaps they'll know. You can also go online and find pre-recorded tracks to meditate to.

Around 1973 music started being used for purposes of meditation. Frequencies in the brain are affected, releasing endorphins that cause feelings of happiness.

What happens when you meditate listening to music is that the brain creates these neural pathways that basically act as a shortcut to tap into parts of your mind that are crucial in the meditation process. By utilizing this power, you open the door to maximum peace and harmony.

These individual music programs are very unique and specifically geared towards doing different things, so there is many to choose form and it's important to pick the right one, the one that works best for you because everyone is different.

This form of meditation can be extremely effective. A lot of doctors and therapists actually recommend music therapy to help people relax and overcome anxiety and stress-related disorders. So many people across the world have been utilizing and enjoying this great form of meditation that is sure to give you great results.

If you are someone who is experience massive amounts of stress in your life, music meditation is for you. If you feel constantly burnt out and looking for answers, this could very well be the one you need. This is especially a good alternative is you have tried other types of meditation and have not gotten any results from them.

There are many places from which you can find music to meditate with along with sources that can tell you even more about this great way of meditating. Go to your family, friends, and even online to research it further.

If you are interested in transcendental meditation then sign up for our free meditation guide now!

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Meditation Music

Music plays a vital role in meditation. Meditation music helps you counteract the various stresses of life. It evokes calmness and leads you into a state of deep meditation. They are highly effective in turning the body, mind and spirit into a state of peaceful harmony and alignment.

Music has a healing effect on the physical being. The unique healing power of meditation music charges your body with strong, positive energies and clears your mind of distractions. They can generate a harmonic relationship between body, mind and spirit. They have the capability to awaken and revitalize your nervous system and internal organs.

It is a known fact that sound and rhythm can create mental and emotional environments. It is possible to alleviate the discomforts of daily life with gentle inspirational sounds and rhythms.

Meditation music is highly recommended by medical and scientific communities for many reasons. Listening to music has many therapeutic benefits. Meditation music is the perfect stress management technique to survive in the modern noisy environment.

Meditation music is available from many resources. They are widely sold online, in bookstores, in popular music shops and in health and wellness stores. Many of these shops sell music meditation CDs and cassettes of the sounds of nature, ethnic instruments, ancient melodies and a rich tapestry of textured percussion. There are meditation music cassettes and CDs specifically designed to relieve sufferings, emotions and inner fears and severely traumatic feelings.

Choosing the right type of meditation music purely depends on the situation you are dealing with. Music for morning meditation is entirely different from evening meditation music. Music for morning meditation should be tender, calming and refreshing, helping you start up your routine activities with full potential. Evening meditation music should relieve stress and provide a good sleep at night. It is necessary to check the tempo of the music with the mood that you want to create. In working hours, upbeat and catchy tunes are appropriate to stay awake and focused. In short, meditation music should be energizing and refreshing.

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The Benefits of Music and Meditation

Through meditation we learn to discover our own inner self; a consciousness of peace, light and delight. To attain this inner silence there are many techniques, which can be used to help. One of the most useful is listening to meditative, soulful music.

To elevate and raise our consciousness, we need the inspiration and aspiration to go beyond the mind. We cannot do this through book learning and listening to lectures, it is an experience which can only be achieved through our inner meditation. Meditative music, soulful music can be of great help in attaining this higher state of consciousness.

The highest form of meditation is silent meditation. But next to silent meditation is listening to meditative music. It is meditative, soulful music that awakens our aspiring heart. If the music is soulful we become inspired to yearn for something higher and deeper. Common mundane thoughts lose their attraction; we feel the necessity of listening to the Soul rather than the mind.

“Soulful music is the music that immediately elevates our consciousness to the Absolute, to the Highest.”

- Sri Chinmoy

Music is powerful because it speaks directly to the heart. Music is often called the universal language, precisely because it accessible to all. The purpose of music is not to understand it with our mind. The essence of music is to feel and experience its transforming power.

“Soulful music is the music that wants to eventually transform our consciousness. It carries us into the Universal Consciousness and makes us feel that we are in tune with the highest, with the deepest, with the farthest.”

- Sri Chinmoy

When listening to music for meditation we should not try to analyze it with our mind. We should not try to think at all. If thoughts do come, pay no attention, but keep all your concentration on the music and nothing else. If possible try to feel the music inside your own heart, don’t feel the music is separate to your existence. Try to feel a oneness with the music. If the music is soulful and played in a meditative consciousness it will definitely help our meditation.

When using music for meditation it is important to be selective in the music you choose. If the music creates excitement and restlessness then this music is not suitable for meditation. The best music to choose is music, which embodies a peaceful, soulful and ethereal quality. The right music is to a large extent a personal choice but it is worth looking around to find the music that inspires your meditation.

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Richard has practised meditation for 8 years under the guidance of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Meditation is an important part of his life and he gives meditation classes in his home town of Oxford. Richard also contributes to a site of meditation music.

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How To Use A Meditation Mp3

Using a Meditation mp3 is a popular way to relax. Removing stress from our lives is vital, if we want to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, stress is inevitable. Learning to relax and relieve stress is the key. The reality is that most of us do not have access to the tools needed to learn relaxation techniques. Fortunately, these files can teach you the skills that will help you unwind and release stress.

How It Works

Meditation mp3 files work in two specific ways. These files can be used to teach the basic concepts of relaxation, by walking you through the process. In addition, many sites offer downloads that can enhance the meditative experience. The files consist of music, nature, or brown noise, which help you to release stress and achieve a higher level of meditation.

What’s The Benefit?

The real benefit of meditation mp3 files is how convenient they are. Many of the files are designed to be used with headphones, so you can use them regardless of your surroundings. They are available in a variety of lengths, which means you can take a breather from a stressful situation at work by rejuvenating your spirit with a four or five minute meditation session. Because they are mp3 files, they are also portable. You have the ability to download your favorites to your mp3 player. This allows you to take the meditative effects with you anywhere.

It is a fact that the world is a stressful place, and this daily stress can affect our health and well-being. Science has shown that stress can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Some scientists believe that these negative influences can even make our bodies more susceptible to cancer. However, meditation mp3 files are a simple way to battle the chaos within our lives. It is the perfect way to invigorate the mind and spirit no matter where you are.

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